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10 Trending Mandir Designs You Can't Afford to Miss!

No Indian household is complete without a dedicated space for the Gods. Yes, average Indians are quite religious and therefore, professional designers always ensure an elegant abode for the Gods always form an intrinsic part of their designs.

Tidied Within a Scaffolding mandir

This setup is for those who are not overly ritualistic, or in other words, those who are simply happy with the presence of God by their side. The wall unit holds the marble statues perfectly with enough space left for the other assortments. The white cabinet inside the timber pillar paves the way for a quaint mandir that occupies your attention just enough!


The Dedicated Room Mandir

This is one of the most flexible mandir designs on this list. We claim so because this design can fit in homes and apartments of all sizes or categories. If you have a duplex apartment of over 1500 sq. feet, you can further increase the grandeur of this design. On the other hand, smaller apartments can also accommodate this design of a modest drawer adorned by the individual elements and a dedicated seat for worshipping.


Walking along a Quaint Tradition

Owing to lack of space, there are many homes where the mandir is placed inside the kitchen. A particular corner is chosen and sectioned off completely. Some wall units are then installed forming the mandir entirely.


Light and Minimalism

This architectural engagement brings together all the qualities of warm light and mingles them with the magic of minimalism. Notice how this comparatively small mandir brings to your attention the warmth of the room. Moreover, the vibrant saffron plays the important role of inviting more light into the room, therefore, giving a sense of increased space.